Mix bunches composite by wish
Bunches with different colors in one bucket, ready for transport
Our Easy Lover mix bunch


All possibilities for costumization


We would like to take care for our customers. Therefore we offer all possibilities for customization. Because we control the entire proces from greenhouse till vase, we are able to meet your demands.

The quality roses of Rosa Plaza are grown in our farm AQ Roses, where a large part of the additional value can be done. Our processing company Amflora Flower Services at the auction FloraHolland includes several processing lines to give a perfect treatment for each variety. From this location, we supply fast and flexible customer made products according to your demands. Of course this quarantees fresh roses with an excellent vaselife.

Examples of customization
Discuss with our salesmanager how, where en when you would like to have delivered our products and we will take care for this. Some examples of the costumization we are providing at the moment:

Composite by wish:
Bunches with different colors in one bucket;
Mix bunches as per demand;
Different number of stems per bunch.

Customized packaging
Packed in a custom-designed Rosa Plaza sleeve, or in a plain sleeve;
Added value to the bunch like flower food, special labels on sleeve, etc;
Supplied on water in auction containers, buckets or dry in a box;

Delivered where and when the customer prefers.

Want to make use of our serives?  Please contact our salesmanager and discuss your requirements.