The children of our workers go to school on the project
Music and dance during the celebration of a holiday
Volleyball game team Rosa Plaza v.s. Braam
The modern hospital on the compound supports our company clinic
Peer education program at AQ Roses

Social Aspect

When people are satisfied and feel respected, that they make a better product.

Social Aspect

AQ Roses is one of the leading African rosefarms in the area of quality-roses and social conditions. Sustainable and socially responsible production is very important for us. In our view, doing business in a third world country is impossible without taking our social responsibilities. We also believe that when people are happy and feel respected, they will also make a better product.

We have organized for our employees a workers council, education and training programs, school for the children of employees, security, healthcare, peer education, sport and entertainment and outstanding working conditions.

Workers council
Currently we have around 1100 employees, mostly women, which all live in the nearby town of Ziway. Because motivated and healthy employees are the backbone of the company, we are trying to keep them involved in the company. In the workers council (established in collaboration with our staff) our employees have the possibility to give their opinion on the company processes. In addition, they organize different teambuilding activities.

Education and training programs
All employees of AQ Roses follow our education and training program. We train people in our farm and provide training on the floor. We also offer our workers the possibility to follow education at the university. This way, they are able to move up to supervisor or manager.

Our management team in Ethiopia consists of workers who, thanks to our education and training program and their own commitment and enthusiasm, have developed themselves towards a managerial position. Together with Frank Ammerlaan and Ron van der Hoorn they take on the daily management of the company.

Children of our employees go to school. Herewith we offer them the opportunity of a good life. In addition to the nursery and primary school of Sher Ethiopia, the project of which AQ Roses is part of, also provides higher education. so children from 4 - 18 years can follow education.

For our employees we provide uniforms, safety shoes and work gloves, which they will wear while working in the farm.

Health care
We offer our employees free health care through our company clinic, supported by a modern hospital on the compound. In our clinic a nurse is treating minor health problems. Also she is involved in regular health checks and prevention. Together with the health and safety committee she is advising the farm on health related issues.

The modern and comprehensive Sher Hospital offer our employees first aid and medication. Also there is a maternity clinic and a HIV/AIDS clinic in the hospital. 

Peer educators
We are trying to inform our workers about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Among others via the project Mulu Worksite of World Learning and USAid. They are training a group of workers who become peer educators. These employees are committed to give training to their colleagues. In small groups, the employees talk about health, safety, family planning and HIV/Aids.

These subjects are also brought to the attention via music and drama. Further a multimedia system plays music and gives education while working.

Roses have to be harvested every day, also on holidays like Christmas and New Year. In cooperation with our employees we are often have a party on these holidays after finishing work with food, drinks and music of course.

Sport and Leisure
Time to relaxation! Volleyball or football, live it up in the sport fields. It is all possible for our employees.

Outstanding working conditions
Next to all social benefits, our employees receive a good salary. Their salary is well above the average salary in Ethiopia. Herewith we provide our workers and their families a perspective for a better life.