Planting young plant in soil on raised beds
The roses are harvested with great care 5 times a day
We select the roses on quality in the barn
Early in the morning our roses are transported by refrigerated trucks to the airport
Processing our flowers at Amflora in Aalsmeer, Holland

From greenhouse to vase

The journey of our roses

From greenhouse to vase

Before our roses are ending up in a vase at someones home, they have made a long journey. For us it starts with selection of interesting varieties and planting the first trials. For growth, the roses need a good temperature, light radiation and protection from diseases. After 2,5 months the first roses will be harvested, bunched, graded and transported to The Netherlands. After processing and sales, via our customers the roses will end up in your vase.

Herewith some further explanation of the journey from greenhouse to vase.

Selection of new varieties is a very intensive procedure. Every 6 months we select the newest interesting varieties at the breeders and test them in our greenhouses. After extensive selection on colour, bud, vase life, disease susceptibility and growth, we send the flowers of the selected varieties to The Netherlands. In collaboration with a number of customers we monitor the response in the market. If the overal picture of the rose is right, from growing till vaselife, we will start propagating the variety and plant them.

After propagation of the varieties selected by us, the young plants are planted in the soil on raised beds. The plants are irrigated by driplines.

Good temperature and light intensities
The climate in Ziway is very suitable for cultivation of roses. The location of our nursery has good temperatures and plenty of sunshine, so heating or artificial light is not necessary. We are able to offer a product with a constant quality in constant quantities year-round. Because of the very high light intensities, the driving force of photosynthesis of plants, we are able to grow roses with an excellent quality and sparkling colors.

Advanced, environmental friendly crop protection
The rainy season in Ziway is light, so there are almost no problems with botrytis. Of course we do protect our roses against pests and diseases. AQ Roses is constantly optimizing and improving their production methods. Minimal impact on the environment and human is a focus point. Read more about our crop protection.

After 2,5 months the first flowers can be harvested. The roses are harvested with great care 5 times a day to ensure a very uniform opening stage of the flowers.

Grading and bunching
The flowers are graded in the grading hall on length and opening stage. During grading also roses with bent stems, with damaged flowers, infected by diseases will be graded out. Only A1 quality flowers are bunched and transported to The Netherlands.

Prevent ripening
Immediately after harvesting, grading and bunching, we put the flowers in water with pre-treatment solution and put them directly to the cold store. This way we prevent the roses from ripening.

After storage in the cold store the roses are packed with great care in boxes. Early in the morning the boxes are transported by refrigerated trucks to the airport of Addis Ababa, where they will be loaded on airfreight pallets for transport to The Netherlands.

Flower processing
After clearing of the flowers they are transported by refrigerated truck to our location at FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Arrived in Aalsmeer, the boxes are offloaded as quickly as possible and placed in the cold store. With help of data loggers, temperature and humidity are monitored to minimize quality losses during transport. Then, the bunches will be sleeved and made ready for sales.

More about our flower processing company Amflora Flower Services on our site.

The roses of Rosa Plaza are being sold via the network of wholesales of via auctions to florists, garden centers and supermarkets in Europe and beyond. This way they are ready for the consumer to use. Read more about our sales.

Long vase life
After our roses have completed a journey from harvest to vase on average a week, our quality roses will stand in the vase for 12-14 days with proper care. Follow the care instructions on our site and enjoy our quality roses for long time!