We are growing our roses in Ziway, Ethiopia
Our farm is located in a beautiful area
We are growing roses at a surface of 38 ha.
Grading roses: only A1 quality roses will be transported to Holland

Our flower farm

AQ Roses in Ethiopia

Our flower farm

Set in a beautifull surroundings, our flower farm AQ Roses is based on the shores of Lake Ziway. On an area of 38 hectare AQ Roses is growing T-hybrid as wel as Intermediate rose cultivars in greenhouses. All roses AQ Roses produces are being sold under the brand name Rosa Plaza. Our main pillars are quality, service and reliability. And with care for environment and social aspects.

Why growing roses in Ziway?
Ziway is located at an altitude of 1670 meter. The climate in Ziway is ideal for growing large- and medium sized roses year round with a constant exellent quality. We are growing without  heating or cooling systems. Compared to other cultivation areas in East Africa, the climate in Ziway is dry and the rain season is soft. Therefore we largely prevent botrytis. 

Attention for environment and community
We believe that growing roses in Ethiopia is not possible without focussing on the social aspects. Our nursery is one of the leading African rose farms in the field of quality roses and social conditions. We are convinced that good quality can only be achieved by good working conditions. It makes us proud that we have been certified by organizations which recognise this.

Read more about the social aspects of our rose farm and the certifications we gain on this site.