The cultivation on our farm in Rijsenhout has completely changed to Hydrangea.


From The Netherlands to Ethiopia


Our family has a long tradition in horticulture.

Wim Ammerlaan sr. started to grow roses together with his brother Emiel on the Aalsmeerderweg in Rijsenhout in 1975. As young entrepreneurs they took over the greenhouses of their father.

In 1980 the company moved to the present location on the Lavendelweg in Rijsenhout. During that time this was the first company at this area, which has nowadays developed to a large, modern horticultural area. In three phases the company grew to a size of 23000 m2. The cultivars grown in this period were sweethearts like Carolien, Motrea and Mercedes.

In the nineties we were growing cultivars like Frisco, Lambada and Bianca. Last mentioned large white rose was introduced by us and became a leading variety in T-Hybrid white.

In 1999, Emiel started his own company and Wim and Mieke became owner of the company in Rijsenhout. The assortment changed to intermediates like Sphinx and Splendid Renate.

In 2003 the greenhouses were expanded to 33000 m2, and the company started to grow the red variety Passion.

A lot has chanced in the company in 2006. Developments in the rose business made growing roses in The Netherlands inefficient. Sons Frank and Wim jr. joined the company after their studies Business Administration and Plant Sciences. They started a new rose farm in Ethiopia on the project of Sher Ethiopia.

In 2016 we celebrate 10 years of AQ Roses. We organized a party for our employees and our staff members are offered a balloon flight above the farm.

After more than 2 years of extensive testing, the time has come. Her own rose for our sister Monique Ammerlaan, in April 2017 she names her own rose "Monique". The rose has a beautiful color scheme with a green and white exterior and a bright pink color inside, the pink color becomes more and more intense as the rose blooms further. This beautiful rose is exclusively available at Rosa Plaza.

Ammerlaan Hortensia
Meanwhile, the Dutch lovation in Rijsenhout is fully equiped for cultivation of hydrangea.
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